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Every woman is secretly looking for the perfect dress. That one special dress that can be worn every day and every night. A dress that creates the ultimate look for just about any occasion: the one you can wear to the office, enjoy a business dinner in, party the night away in or even slip on for the beach. The one you would love to wear while enjoying a relaxed Sunday afternoon lunch with family and friends or shine in at that glamorous evening party.

She and her LaDress
LaDress is designed for a woman in touch with her femininity. Empowering beauty by enhancing feminine features and strength, LaDress is the perfect garment for women juggling with all their different roles in life.
LaDress is the ultimate outfit for all women with a sense of fashion, quality and style, running a busy schedule and having a zest for life. Women of any age or background all have one thing in common: to look and feel good!

The collection
The collection will be complimented with a new special arrival every month. Each new addition is arranged by our personal stylist, whose tips and ideas on how to wear LaDress create a broad assortiment of looks for all kinds of occasions. 

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