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Proskins SLIM fabric has some pretty special cosmetic ingredients impregnated into it.


Each ingredient has special properties that help you look and feel better, lose inches, soften your skin and reduce cellulite just by wearing clothes. The proskins SLIM garments are very convient as they can we worn as sports wear, sleep wear or under conventional clothing whilst you go about your day.


The special ingredients of Proskins include caffeine, aloe vera, vitamin E, retinol and ceramides.

is naturally produced in the leaves and seeds of many plants.

Coffee drinkers will already be aware of the effects of caffeine, making you more active which in turn, increases your metabolism and burns fat.

Caffeine does not have to be consumed though, to have a positive impact on our bodies, it is also a renowned active slimming agent when applied topically to our skin.


Proskins SLIM contains micro-capsules of caffeine which stimulates circulation and blood flow and promotes fat destruction. Topical application can reduce fat content in cells by blocking phospheisterase, an enzyme that inhibits fat breakdown.

Certainly something to think about next time you sit down to enjoy your morning espresso.


Proskins SLIM contains Retinol.

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and is widely prescribed for serious skin conditions; but it is also an effective skin regenerator which stimulates the synthesis of collagen, giving a youthful appearance to the skin. Collagen is the strongest natural protein for the skin resistance and tone.


Retinol has moisturising and anti-oxidant properties. It increases cell production in the top layer of the skin which helps pep up the skin. Cells look smoother and skin looks younger. Retinol has a positive effect on collagen production because skin uses retinoic acid when it produces collage. As a result skin looks plumper. Pigmentation from sun damage is also reduced.